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Organic Oils

Raw Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Peppermint Essential Oil are used to nourish your skin, mind and body - enriching every massage experience.

The Peppermint Experience

Lay submerged in total relaxation as the mixture of luxury & rejuvenation smoothly blend together to form ultimate satisfaction. Within moments you'll witness your aches and pains fall dormant to all new levels of comfort.

Tailored Service

Every service is uniquely tailored to every guest, each and every time.

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    Point-Press-Release is a 30 minute service that targets all of the body’s tension hiding spots. The perfect lunch break pick me up. No oil, just deep point pressure where you need it most.

    • $4030 min
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    Re-Treat-Mint Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massage, sometimes even widely preferred over medication, is known to treat everyday aches and pains, reduce anxiety and stress, as well as boost the immune system. This service starts with the therapist scanning the muscle groups for tightness with effleurage techniques, then homing in to relieve deep rooted tension hiding spots deep inside the muscle groups.

    • $10580 min
  • Peppermint-Aromatherapy-Massage

    Peppermint Aromatherapy Massage

    Using intermediate pressure throughout the massage, the Peppermint Aromatherapy Massage incorporates warm peppermint towels for the back and feet. Organic peppermint essential oil is also gently massaged into the occipital ridge, inner elbow, inner wrist and arch of the feet. Peppermint essential oil is scientifically proven to calm headaches, provide relief from depression and mental exhaustion, as well as increase mental clarity and focus on cognitive tasks.

    The Peppermint Room’s Signature Massage

    • $7550 min
    • $10580 min