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Did you know that The Peppermint Room offers services that were put into place as an introduction to massage. The Pepp n’ Step and the Triple 10 were created specifically for individuals with touch issues due to childhood sexual abuse, physical or psychological abuse. Of course anyone can enjoy these mini massages. However, this is the reason that I added them to The Peppermint Room’s menu. Being a survivor of childhood molestation, I saw the need to slowly introduce touch to anyone who shared a similar history being that I understand first hand how healthy touch can still feel very uncomfortable for individuals who have endured trauma. We have been sought out by survivors based on our sensitivity and first hand understanding of their unique needs. As the owner of The Peppermint Room, I have personally offered the aforementioned services as well as full-body services to survivors through word of mouth exclusively for the past 7 years. Back in 2016, I came clean with my story very publicly on Facebook after seeing a pic of my abuser posted by his niece. It was the first time I had seen his face since that night all those years ago. I did not know that seeing his picture would have such an affect on me. I thought that it all was so far behind me. However, in that moment, I knew that I could not internalize those feelings ever again so I told every detail right there on Facebook. Hardest thing I had ever done but it helped me heal tremendously. I had gotten so many calls and messages from so many people from all over, as far as Europe. I was overwhelmed to say the least. However, I am the oldest of 4 girls and a born giver/caretaker. Here I was with open wounds from my past and still attempting to help other individuals through their pain. I was a mess. I knew that I needed to make myself less available and concentrate on my healing so that I could be more effective and whole in my efforts. After counseling and ton of support from my consort and the #tellonem Facebook group, I am just now feeling that I am emotionally able to offer my massage services more openly to survivors seeking therapeutic massage from a place where they can feel safe. A place where they will not have to wonder about any ill intentions. For survivors who are interested in my therapeutic massage services, visit our website at When scheduling, choose “Services with Dee” and choose the “survivor” option of your choice. These services are customized individually. You and I are the only ones who will know that you have chosen a survivor option. You will not be treated like a victim, your boundaries will be respected and you never have to discuss any aspect of your abuse at anytime. Any survivor wanting to share their story, ask about my story or want to know the steps I have taken and currently take in my journey to heal can reserve time to talk with me by scheduling “Tea With Dee”. Tea With Dee can be via phone or in person. For inquiries concerning “Survivor” services, please email:
Hoping for your healing.

Sincerely, Dee Pittman (owner)
The Peppermint Room

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