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Author: Dee Pittman

Did You Know?

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Did you know that The Peppermint Room offers services that were put into place as an introduction to massage. The Pepp n’ Step and the Triple 10 were created specifically for individuals with touch issues due to childhood sexual abuse, physical or psychological abuse. Of course anyone can enjoy these mini massages. However, this is…

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HEALTH TIP: How I loss my belly

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To loose your belly fast like I did, drink high ph water and get as close to half your body weight in ounces as you can (Kangen 9.5 is best). Eliminate dairy, white foods i.e. rice, breads, potatoes and grains. If you are a meat eater, try eating fish only as your protein for the…

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Flatulence 101 for Clients

By in Flatulence Etiquette with 7 Comments

I know, I know......gross!!! Lets start off by asking this simple question: Who doesn't fart? As a therapist who is truly into the healing of massage, the worst thing that I can witness during a session is clinched butt cheeks and a rumbling belly. Clients, just let it go already. F.Y.I. This is a natural…

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Massage Gumbo

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Because I'm so N.O.L.A. (that's New Orleans, La..."singing" if ya don't know, now ya know...) hahaahaa! I'm Introducing Massage Gumbo! Massage Gumbo is my own Point-Press-Release technique in addition to tapotement techniques, static pressure and a strong but soothing rocking of the larger muscle groups that is used throughout all of my massage services. Massage Gumbo is truly my specialty. Over the…

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Hot Stone Massage

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Hot Stone Massage! Where?!!! Here! Now at The Peppermint Room! You've requested it and now you've got it! The Hot Stone Massage comes as a 80min service only...ohhh the bliss. The sequence goes as follows: hot stones, massage, hot stones, flip and repeat. Just envisioning performing that massage makes me wish I could give it to…

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The Peppermint Room ReVamp

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Greetings My Peppermint Faces. The Peppermint Room has revamped its website but that's not all. Check out the new services added to the menu. The Peppermint Room now offers a Blue Ribbon service. Blue Ribbon is a service that caters to preteen and teen clients. Children's massage is increasingly being a service sought out by concerned…

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