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HEALTH TIP: How I loss my belly

How I Lost My Belly

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To loose your belly fast like I did, drink high ph water and get as close to half your body weight in ounces as you can (Kangen 9.5 is best). Eliminate dairy, white foods i.e. rice, breads, potatoes and grains. If you are a meat eater, try eating fish only as your protein for the time that you’re getting your tummy flat. Fish disintegrates faster because its softer than other animal flesh. If you must fry it, pan fry it in good oils like coconut or olive oil (no crawfish or shrimp). Take bentonite clay twice a week, powder to mix with water/juice or capsules.
(This was my diet change after baby #2 and it worked a miracle for me. I’m starting it again 9yrs later after baby #3. I’m so excited!)

Sample meal for a day:

Breakfast- Juice: celery, apple, cucumber & ginger

Lunch- Fish, baked or mashed sweet potato & green salad

Dinner- Sauteed veggies and a Tomato, avocado and cucumber balsamic salad

*If you are a snackers, sliced apples are perfection. Room temperature water or hot tea after meals for best results*

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